LIVE FROM WASHINGTON DC - Over 400 Jihadis are at large in the UK

Britain's borders are leakier than a sieve, and now we have more returned Jihadis on the loose than almost anywhere else in the world. Around 850 British Jihadis travelled to the Middle East to fight for ISIS, and almost half have come back, meaning only Turkey, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia have more ISIS fighters.

What should we do with them? Deport, execute, or imprison them here? I spoke to independent MEP and former UKIP immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe to find out why he thinks no politician has the balls to do anything about this.

Labour MP Jared O'Mara has been suspended for some online comments made before he was an MP, including calling a woman he dated an "ugly bitch". Is this making a mountain out of a molehill, or is this another example of lefty men using their "progressive" views to mask their nastier side? I spoke to Martin Daubney, former editor of Loaded Magazine, to find out what he makes of the row.

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So someone like Pamela Gellar is banned from entering the uk but 400 Islamic terrorists are more than welcome can anybody explain this to me.