Lycra-clad cycling fascists should have to pay to use the roads!

I'm sick to death of these lycra-clad, psycho cycling fascists infesting our roads! The government is looking into whether to extend dangerous driving offences to cyclists and I say good! If you're using the road and threatening other road users then you should pay the fine. I think the government should go further and make cyclists pay for insurance and road tax. I had a chat with Donnachadh McCarthy from the campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists to see what he thought. 

Meanwhile, a school in East Sussex is to ban skirts from its school uniform code so as to be "fairer to transgender pupils". What a load of rubbish! When will this endless pandering to the transgender minority end? I'm sick to death of hearing about gender neutral! I was joined by Simon Warr broadcaster and former teacher who joined me in bemoaning the state of 21st Century, gender inclusive Britain. 

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