Mass immigration and weak borders are destabilising the UK!

Amber Rudd isn't telling us the whole truth about the funding of terrorism in the UK, our borders are leaking illegal immigrants, drugs and guns like a sieve, what is going on? Is there an ulterior motive here? Why is our country slowly being destroyed from within, and our own politicians seem to be the ones pushing the agenda? What aren't we being told? Listen to terrorism and security expert Mike Yardley, as he talks some real sense about how our own government and mass media are lying to us about immigration and security!

Britain used to have some of the best border security in the world, now we're letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every year! I spoke to Alp Mehmet, vice chair of Migration Watch UK, who told me Britain needs to go back to the old days of 30-40 years ago when we had well-funded and well-trained border police! Time for a common-sense approach to immigration, the current numbers are out of control!

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