Meghan and Harry are deluded, woke money grabbing fools.

Jon Gaunt is disgusted that Meghan and Harry have disrespected the Queen, his Dad and the whole of the UK population by telling the press that they are 'half leaving' the Royal family.

Jon wants them to return all the cash spent on their house, their wedding and he says  the taxpayer should no longer pay for anything for them including their security.

If they wanted to live a quiet life they should have made that decision before the 'Princess style' wedding he states.

The fact that they have already set up a website and developed a brand leads Jon to say that they should be stripped of their titles immediately.

People who state that the Press and public have been hostile to Meghan from the beginning because of her colour is ludicrous and offensive states Gaunty.

Have a listen and tell jon what your view is.


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