Michael Buerk is a BERK with his fat comments.

Middle class ex-BBC man Michael Buerk has stated that obese and fat people should be left to die as it will save the NHS money.

He believes that obesity is not an illness and that fat people are just weak not ill. 

"You're fat because you eat too much"

Jon keeps his cool in this podcast and attempts to school Michael in the real reasons for the obesity epidemic. However as you will hear you feel that at any moment Gaunty could blow up.

Jon was 22 stone and a Type 2 diabetic and has turned his life aorund by eating a Low Carb High Fat diet and has created www.simpleasfat.com to help other people.

Michael's contribution will not help anyone  and Jon is disgusted that the man who brought the famine in Ethiopia to the world via BBC News could not be better informed and use his skills to help people here.

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