Mike Hookem calls Steven Woolfe a "Bullsh!tter"!

Fish caught by foreign vessels in British waters should be landed, processed and sold in the UK to help our fishing industry! UKIP have announced a sensible policy for once, and I spoke to the party's fisheries spokesman Mike Hookem.

I also asked Mike about his spat with Steven Woolfe in the European Parliament last year.  Mike swore on his grandchild that he never laid a hand on Steven, and called the former UKIP MEP a "bullsh!tter"! He also said if Steven came out and said that Mike had hit him, he would sue!

Before that I spoke to Dave Nellist, former Labour MP and national chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. Labour's manifesto has been leaked, and it includes pledges to renationalise the railways, the energy industry and the Royal Mail. Fleet Street has made out these are bonkers ideas, but they sound very sensible to me! Why is the MSM determined to paint Corbyn as an extremist, but won't criticise anything May says or does? Nellist told me that it's time we had a Prime Minister who looked out for the interests of the British working class!

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