More Tasers for coppers won't stop terrorist attacks on our streets!

We need more police officers full stop, a few more Tasers won't keep us safe from terror! The Met Police is to equip hundreds more officers with the device after a surge in violence and knife crime. If the police hadn't been cut when Theresa May was Home Secretary, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place! I spoke to retired police officer and former columnist for Police Magazine Clive Chamberlain.
Truck drivers face another summer of chaos because the EU aren't sorting out the Calais Jungle! A van driver has been killed in a crash caused by a roadblock set up by UK-bound migrants on the outskirts of the French town. How can we ensure we don't have a repeat of last summer? I spoke to Kate Gibbs from the Road Haulage Association.
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Tasers will disable the culprits, bring them to the floor!
We have moved on from " Truncheons " Have we?

History is going to prove that some people got all this wrong. Come on Jon, he didn't call for ethnic cleansing, he said that some people are incompatible to live and integrate in British society. The problem is getting worse, only an idiot thinks it will get better unless we have extreme measures. Ship in or ship out.