MSM is FAKE NEWS not the internet!

Jon Gaunt is amazed that people are actually believing the fake news about the Skripal case that the BBC and other traditional news outlets are pumping out.

Again it appears that the MSM is in bed with the Government in their anti Russia propagnada war rather than stopping for a minute and asking a few pertinent questions about the Salisbury narrative.

Where have all the journalists gone says Jon?

Then the BBC and other FAKE news outlets have the temerity to demand that the internet is regulated and censored and that so called FAKE NEWS  sites or podcasts should be taken down?!

The only place you can hear alternative and independent voices these days is on the internet says Gaunty.

Do you agree?

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But, arrived thirty-five years too late!

Well, well well - George Orwell. Looks like 1984 is nearly here.....

***** Five Gold stars!

Another barn-storming podcast, Jon! The home of free speech, Jon Gaunt podcast.