MSM smears "Gays Against Sharia" march!

The controlled media wants to paint anybody who stands against Islamist fascism as a far-right thug! Yesterday's Unite Against Hate march, organised by Gays Against Sharia, was branded as "far right" by the BBC. Conveniently, they completely ignored the fact that the march featured gay, Sikh and black speakers, and that they came under attack from violent "anti-racists". I spoke to one of the march's organisers Tommy English about why he wanted to honour victims of hate, both in the recent Manchester attack, and in the Orlando gay club shooting last year, all killed by Islamism.
Corbyn has proven he can win back seats for Labour, but will he ever win over his critics? In the wake of last Thursday's surprising results, opponents in his own party like Ed Milliband, Yvette Cooper and even Chuka Umuna have been lining up to offer to serve in Corbyn's shadow cabinet. I spoke to former editor of the Sunday Mirror and Labour voter Paul Connew to hear why he still has reservations!
The Queen's Speech being delayed proves how much of a shambles this government is! The Tories are trying to make a working majority with the support of the DUP, but have we ever had such a chaotic election aftermath? I spoke to the experienced political commentator Nick Jones to hear his thoughts.
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