MSM still desperate to prove Russian hacking conspiracy!

Trump and Putin agree to an historic ceasefire in Syria, but all the MSM wants to talk about are unproven Russian hacking allegations! The two leaders agreed to the ceasefire in the south west of the country as part of a bigger deal that could lead to more cooperation over how to end the war. But the BBC and CNN have barely mentioned that at all! Why are they obsessed with proving Russian collusion in last year's Presidential election, even after CNN's own senior producer was recorded saying there was no evidence? I spoke to Ted Malloch, top US author, consultant and former diplomat. Check out his brilliant piece on Breitbart today.

Charlie Gard's parents should have the final say in whether the poor baby gets treatment in the US, but what is in the child's best interests? I spoke to Caroline Farrow, columnist on The Conservative Woman, to hear her view on what should happen next.

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The libtards and some media can not cope with the existence of political leaders like PUTIN or TRUMP . They are not gutless and are genetically ALPHA MALES, which seems to be in decline and out of fashion in a new world of misfits ,odd balls and unknown FLUIDS not sure about themselves or what they are . I believe too much fast food are afecting the chromosomes in this new generation of damaged goods .Thank God for PUTIN and TRUMP the generation of macho men.