New Media for Old! Jon and Nick Margerrison

After yesterdays podcast where I talked about an Orwellian checklist attack on Free Speech we now hear of Twitter's removal of Tommy Robinson's Verification status.

Is this an attack on people with right of centre views?

Nick Margerrison joins me to discuss and he has quite different views to me.

Lets have your views on Twitter, Facebook and

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Interesting subject.. incapatibility with ISLAM, fairness has to be a two way street, especially in a democratic Country. They are doing this to show us what it would be in an islamic world and sort of control. Police State, no support to the Indigenous people. ISLAMIC Mayor, who is failing at his job, higher crime. TM has lost it, She is now moving the Goal posts to the LEFT Times are changing, UKIP is the Right way forward. Russia

Another cracking poddy Gaunty, great to hear Nick on there with u too. Take it easy my friend

Great to hear Nick the Nob on good form