Nigel Farage and David Lammy. God help us.

Jon Gaunt is asking is Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party the future for the UK.

Will they smash the two party system and at the same time destroy UKIP. He wants your views.

Jon is also outraged that David Lammy has accused Boris and Mogg of being like Nazis.

He wonders where the "gentler kind of politics" that Comrade Corbyn has gone and also worries for our future if Labour win a General Election in the next few months.

Jon is angry that the violence and the violent language of the left is aways tolerated but if you step out of line on the Right you are effectively a dead man walking.

When did it become wrong to be RIGHT he asks.

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It is farage's fault, because he like a retard trusted them to implement our democratic will, not only this he has maintained his PC establishment BS!!! For 3 years Jon, really???? He has been bought m8t IMO , UKIP are not our answer in the long term either , AMW For Britain are our only real hope of preserving what we grew up knowing as in freedoms and traditions, they are the only party IMO that are the future , take ukip, what happens after batten retires , who takes over ?