Nigel Farage says the Tories are betraying us on Brexit!

Everybody knew what we were voting for on June 23rd 2016 - To end unlimited EU immigration and to get our sovereignty back! Now the Tories are betraying Brexit voters, and saying they might leave the borders open for another FIVE YEARS!

I spoke to Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP, Fox News contributor and hero of Brexit, about why he thinks we can't trust the government to deliver Article 50, why Tory voters should be furious about their MPs going back on immigration, and why if things get much worse he might be forced to return to politics! Check out Nigel's brilliant piece in The Telegraph today as well.

Donald Trump has banned transgender individuals from serving in the military after consulting with the chiefs of the armed forces. Is it a good move or just a distraction? I spoke to US-based transgender activist Evan Grier to get their thoughts!

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I agree with most of this, not part about drinking cows milk now being cruel etc. To me it's always been the worst animal industry. Dairy cows suffer more than the others. They are kept constantly pregnant and lactating. Calves constantly taken from them within a few days of birth & most males shot. They have a strong bond and this is deeply traumatising to them.Then they are also selectively bred to produce way more milk than is natural making them lame carrying the weight. Then they are killed

Tony Quinn, how about Halal method of slaughter implemented all over Britain as well as in Europe ?? I don not see ,hear no outcry for such barbarie..!

I have faith that Nigel will stay true to his word, and watch developments like a hawk! It is disgusting the way second rate comedians are allowed to pass comments on matters that are clearly above their intellect. If Millar could take the Government to court over Brexit, why cant we take them for ignoring the will of the people? High profile people like yourself and Nigel could be the face of that surely? The money could be found, 17.4m people would see to it!

We need Nigel to return now, as he said on the show Brexit is already being betrayed by the establishment elite!

One of my boys (27) was voting remain and I tried telling him he should vote leave but was not having it till i said "I would rather be poor and free than rich and controled. This after everything I has said to try and make him change his mind worked. He voted leave and is now proud to have done so, even tho most of his friends vote remain.

Jon Great show today just wanted to add to my call, On the day before the EU Ref vote I remember telling My dad (in his 70) when he said he was voting leave but he didn't think we would win I said we will stay strong. I sat up all night watching the results on Sky and every time they went to the Pollster he keep saying it could go both ways, THEN they went to him & he said no matter what figure I put in LEAVE have WON I could not hold my tears back anymore I ran up stairs to tell me wife we WON!

Thanks for your comments Ged