Now is no time to riot, our police are stretched to the limit!

Protesters attacking police officers and rioting in East London are a disgrace, don't you think our police have enough to deal with? 14 coppers have been injured in Forest Gate and Stratford after protesters alleged Edir Frederico Da Costa was "brutally beaten" by the Met. He died six days after he was stopped and searched. I spoke to Chris Phillips, former senior police officer and counter-terrorism expert about why this violence, coming at a time of terror threat and limited resources, is stretching the thin blue line even more.
So far four arrests have been made in East London over the protests. Are we about to see a repeat of the August 2011 riots, when the death of Mark Duggan in custody led to weeks of riots and looting across the country? I spoke to Ken Hinds, community activist and founder of the Haringey Independent Stop and Search Monitoring Group.
The Grenfell Tower tragedy could have been prevented if it wasn't for EU regulation! I spoke to former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom to get his take on the disaster, and on who he thinks would be the best PM to deliver Brexit!
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I don't get Gaunty - a week ago he was calling us 'MORONS' for not wanting an "us and them" Marxist class war. Riots and unrest is part as McDonnel's strategy and we don't want it . Now Gaunt doesn't seem to want one. Make your mind up mate. And respect your audience.