Of course Squaddies support Tommy Robinson!

Jon Gaunt was going to say today that he can not believe that the British Army has got it's knickers in a twist about a photo of Tommy Robinson and a bunch of young Squaddies but on second thoughts Gaunty could have predicted this.

In today's PC world where a Top Cop is too scared to leave his car to save a colleague from a madman.

In today's PC world where a convicted terrorist and Jihadi Bride can say her human rights have been abused because she turned down 7 council houses.

In today's PC world where a Gay cake can cost the British Tax payer over half a million quid.

Nothing surprises Jon anymore!

You must listen to this 50 minute rant from Gaunty you won't hear anything like it on the MSM.

Totally politically incorrect but amusing and brutally honest

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