Our useless Politicians are to blame for Jihadi Bride's return to UK

Jon Gaunt is clear that we should be directing our anger more at our Politicians and law makers than at the Jihadi Bride, Begum.

It is their collective failure to put in place a modern Treason Law that allows the scum to think they can come back to the UK.

So, Jon says forget signing petitions and start attacking the real villains of this story. The same self servers who are betraying you over Brexit.

They've ignored the wishes of 17.4 MILLION why on earth will they take notice of a poxy petition!

Jon also talks about the split in the Labour Party and the massive sign ups to Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party and suggests that at last Politics could be changing.

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We accept terrorists back but refuse persecuted Christians like Asia Bibi. A woman who is in real threat of her and her families lives, but we will take back a traitor who despises our way of life.
Sorry but this county has no morals, we are on the road to total destruction