Over 100 UK primary schools allow the Islamic hijab!

Girls as young as five are allowed to wear hijabs as part of their school uniform. The Islamic head covering is not usually worn until a girl reaches puberty, but a combination of weak-willed teachers and hard line Islamist influence mean that almost half of Birmingham's primary schools and many in East London now include it in their uniform! I spoke to Aisha Ali-Khan, a women's rights activist who wants the hijab banned in primary schools, about why she's worried by this news.

Is Theresa May right to say "give peace a chance" and refuse to back President Trump in any military action in North Korea? Or do we need a leader with balls, metaphorically speaking? I was joined from the States by Gordon Chang, author of the book "Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On The World", to find out what he makes of Pyongyang's development of a hydrogen bomb, and if there's any peaceful way out for the communist regime now? 

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The more we let this sort of thing pass the more we will suffer in the future. The brain washing of our kids is how they will destroy the fabric of society, to change what is normal, to write history, to change dates etc. Orwell said the same when he wrote 1984, so how do they do this how does it start? the biggest factor is PC, If I can control what you say and when you say it then I can control what you think and how you act. I then have to power to change society.

Schools pushing this Hijab thing are only pushing it so again they can virtue signal on how diverse they are. But really whats happening is British culture is being eroded, sacrificed on the altar of diversity. We are to down grade our culture to promote other cultures above our own. They are making it so we are ashamed to be us ashamed to be British, Ashamed to Boys or Girls, White, Male etc. This must stop we must get back to FAMILY values 2 parent families etc. Soon it will be too late.

When I first started to hear about PC was back in the 70's and at that time we all thought it was just silly. However 40 years later we are now taking about Gender neutral cloths, Gender fluid people, and if you dont police what you say and when you say it you could lose your job, go to jail. When will stop? It will ONLY stop when we push back and let those that want to police are word and thoughts that we will no longer stand for it We must do this now before the right for FREE SPEECH has gone.

Hijabs being endorsed for infants as optional school uniform could hardly be more sinister. Kids are easily influenced by their friends and I could imagine my little girl being fascinated by this clothing-She loves princess dresses now because her friend wears them. Get em when they're young!
They're indoctrinating the young and innocent to prepare them for the future so they'll accept it as normal- easy islamisation.
It's that Drip, Drip Drip again Jon & it's frightening and sad.