PODCAST - Pestminster sex scandal not as important as betrayal of BREXIT and Jihadi threat

The so called Pestminster sex scandal is a useful way way for the Establishment Elite and their pals in the controlled MSM to divert attention away form the collapse and betrayal of Brexit, the impending financial collapse in the UK and the ever present Jihad Threat.

Of course allegations of rape and sexual abuse need to be fully investigated and culprits brought to trail but ion a court of law not in the court of Public Opinion. 

Idiot commentators who say its a bigger crisis than the expenses scandal need to get out of the Westminster Bubble more often. We the people have already lost all respect for the self serving pigs of Westminster so this latest scandal holds little interest to us.

However the ever present threat of being blown up by a returning Jihadi just after he has been given a bloody council House is much more of a concern to the man on the Clapham Omnibus. as is the betrayal of the UK public who voted to leave the undemocratic EU only for the Establishment and Globalist Goons to derail it.

Democracy my ass!!

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