Peter Hitchens on why Theresa May is not a true Conservative!

Theresa May is clinging on to power like a limpet, but why should we be surprised that she's destroying her own party? She's the one that called the Conservatives "The Nasty Party" back in 2002, she's as much the heir to Blair as David Cameron was! Columnist for the Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchens has written a brilliant piece about why May is no Conservative, so I spoke to him about why you shouldn't feel sorry for Theresa the scarecrow!

A jihadi jailed for helping the 21/7 bombers was given a job by a London council, and even became the poster girl for their housing campaign! Mulumebet Girma was only jailed for five years, but Southwark Council did no background checks on her Islamist past. I spoke to London Assembly Member for UKIP David Kurten about our leaky anti-terror checks.

My two lefty producers Sam and Anthony say that it's racist to say you don't fancy a particular race of people. I say that's snowflake nonsense! Do you agree?

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