Pod One - I voted to give Theresa May a kicking!

If you think British politics is just about left and right you are a MORON! This was always about us and them, and Theresa May is one of them! I wound up a lot of you when I announced on Friday that I voted Labour, and even after explaining my reasons loads of you rang in to call me a hypocrite! I voted Labour because Theresa May called an election she didn't have to because she wanted to secure a soft Brexit! Stop being so blinkered to the truth, we will have Brexit taken away from us by the likes of May!
Theresa May is a dead woman walking, she needs to go! Today she had a meeting with her MPs, and went down as well as a sausage roll at a Bar Mitzvah. Is there any way she can survive? I spoke to former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe.
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So did I but I just couldnt make that leap for labour. Jon your entitled to vote who you like. Disappointed but its your business. Corbyn came to Watford twice.

You are not a hypocrite Jon. This election has shown more than ever how divided the country is, how deluded both sides of the political spectrum, the electorate are, how dangerous the political establishment is. This is not about left or right, this is about Globalism&Nationalism and the Globalists are winning, with divide and rule. Stay as you are Jon, they are either with you or agin you. I don't agree with everything you say, but it's the most balanced talk show I'll ever here.I voted UKIP

Just to say Labour did deals or tried in 2010 and 2015.

Jon if people don't have the same view as you it does not mean they are morons.
You have a very big and growing fan base and I live what you have achieved and live to listen and participate.
But I was somewhat disappointed that over the Corbyn vote thing you have been quite insulting to some of you regulars.
If you are insulted then carry on but it appears that those that disagree with you have copped both barrels.
Cheers mate

What happened to your sense of humour mate?

"He helped to bring about peace you idiots!!" Jon. No he did not.

And what's with all the name calling?