PODCAST TWO Tommy Robinson and Colonel Richard Kemp on Israel and UK Jihadis

Tommy Robinson opens up abut the spread of Sharia in the UK and accuses MP's and the Establishment and the Police of ignoring Muslim violence.

He also talks about the returning JIhadi who was a close friend of the Manchester bomber has been found guilty of being an Islamic State sniper after he was identified in official IS documents obtained by Sky News. Mohammed Abdallah, 26, from Manchester, travelled to Syria with three friends in July 2014. His wheelchair-bound brother Abdalraouf, 24, stayed in the UK and directed them from the family home in Moss Side, south Manchester.

Mohammed Abdallah spent two years fighting for the terror group in the Middle East before returning to the UK in September 2016 and was arrested at Heathrow Airport.

Richard Kemp agrees with Tommy that this jihadi shut have been killed in Iraq and certainly not allowed back in to the UK.

Richard also talks about Donald Trump and Israel and fully supports the USA President as does Jon Gaunt.

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In thirty years time the population will absolutely despise our generation. They will see the freedom we have now and hate us for giving it all away so they may suffer and be tormented.

We have to stop this Muslim appeasement now before we are all murdered, someone grow a backbone soon before we are all wiped out

Brilliant show as always gaunty