Police too busy painting their nails to arrest criminals!

Police are arresting half as many people as a decade ago despite soaring crime rates. Now we're being told that the police are too scared to arrest people because of the paperwork, and so they're implementing "soft justice" instead!

Total crimes last year passed 5 million, the highest in a decade. But our police are too busy painting their nails for charity, or covering their cars in rainbow flags for London Pride, or twerking at Notting Hill Carnival. I want a police FORCE that keeps our streets safe! I spoke to Kevin Hogg from the National Victims' Association about why police aren't doing their jobs anymore.

The political elite in the US and the UK are so out of touch with their populations, that now they're doing anything in their power to stop him! Donald Trump is "Red-pilling" a nation, now we in Britain need our own Donald Trump to awaken our sleeping masses! I spoke to Mike Tokes, co-founder of The New Right US about why the political establishment need to be held accountable to their people, and not the other way around.

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