Political Elite and MSM are to blame for rise of Jihadis and Fascist Jayda.

I want to get tough on Islamist fascists. I want to stop FGM, ban the Burkha, ban Sharia and get Muslims to integrate fully into UK life BUT I do not want to deport them!!

Yesterday I spoke to the Deputy Leader of Britain First, Jayda Frensen and allowed her to spout  her rubbish. She is not dangerous but rather the Pantomime Dame of so called Far Right Politics. However she has been created by the vacuum that the MSM and the Political Elite have left by refusing to tackle Islamist extremism and non Muslim integration.

The hysteria in the the Commons yesterday with no mark MP after no mark competing to be the most offended by Donald Trump's retweets was both hysterical and depressing. Now it looks like Trump will cancel the visit to the UK and we will lose the USA trade deal. Good work you self serving pigs!

I give these idiots both barrels in this podcast and also read your e mails which seen just as angry. This is a cracker please pass the links on to your mates and family.

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i agree with you kevin wales, and your right to question jon gaunt on just exactly what has he done for animal torture(halal) etc etc, but you see its ok for these mouthpieces to sit behind a desk and shout from a computer screen, jon would never get out on the streets and defend christianity or this country's way of life, i watched the interview with jayda and she outshone jon gaunt, she had an answer for ever one of his questions, the girl knows exactly what shes talking about,very brave girl

She has not done anything violent and she is speaking up for people like me. So why do you berate her behind her back? She has gone to jail for speaking up against animal torture and its sadistic practices. What have you done Jon?


I had not seen this before. How I hate our governments.

I Don’t know if it were good interview or not. Too much shouting and screaming by interviewer therefore I could not hear Jaydas points.