Polls say Tory lead cut to 3 points, but why should we trust them?

Theresa May, our Prime Minister in Hiding, is losing women and middle-aged voters following her fudge over the dementia tax and school meals! At least, that's what polling company Ipsos Mori say, pointing to significant shifts to Labour amongst the so-called "pinched generation". But these days all the opinion polls are pointing to a different result, and can we trust any of them after they got the 2015 election and Brexit wrong? Nick Margerrison, standing in for Jon Gaunt, was joined by Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos Mori, to find out more.
The controlled media seems to think President Trump's withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord is a disaster, but he's just doing what the American public elected him to do! Every other country in the G7 that ratified the treaty put it before their parliament to vote on, Obama the dictator did not! Nick was joined by Fred Fleitz, former CIA analyst and senior vice-president at the Centre for Security Policy, to find out why he thinks the President has done the best thing for America!
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