Prince Andrew is a distraction from real sickness in UK.

The Prince Andrew story is being used as a diversion tactic to stop us discussing what is really happening in the UK says Jon Gaunt.

Instead of the Kangaroo court of Twitter lets get Andrew in a real court not the court of public opinion so we can find out if he is guilty.

Gaunty has no time for this "playboy Prince".  In fact Jon thinks he is a nob but we should be discussing how this country and the Electorate are again being conned by the Political Elite. We are back to 2 party politics and the Brexit revolution is over.

After the election Politics will not have been changed for good in fact it will be worse.

How ironic that we live in an increasingly PC world but we are becoming more and more aggressive and entrenched in our views.

Britain is sick. We must all be the cure.

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