Pug Nazi Judge is a clown. Free Speech for UK

Free speech is under attack again and this time the offence is training a Pug dog to do a Nazi salute!

If that sound like a sketch from Monty Python let me tell you this is no laughing matter. 

Count Dankula aka Scottish comedian Mark Meechan could be jailed for up to a year for this heinous crime. Mark may well nee a comedian but teh Judge or Sheriff in this case is a clown and the sentence is a joke, a very bad joke.

Jon Gaunt compares this verdict with the banning of `conservative like Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern from entering the UK on thought crimes last weekend and states it is no wonder that Tommy Robinson attracted thousands to his Free Speech rally in Hyde Park.

Gaunty also talks about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and the attacks on Russian collusion in Brexit and Donald Trumps election victory.

The Cultural Marxists are setting the snowflake agenda and there is a concerted effort to ban any dissent from the right.

We must fight back now.

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Free speech and ridicule is all well and good when it serves a purpose. However a little thought and reserve might be in order when mocking the unimaginable pain and suffering of so many. "Gas the Jews", nah never going to be funny in my book, but a bollocking and genuine apology should suffice here methinks.