Queen must force Andrew to answer FBI. Lineker is right about BBC.

Get out your diaries Jon Gaunt agrees with Gary Lineker about axing the licence fee and making the BBC a subscription service.

Jon is also demanding that the Queen must force Andrew to answer the questions from the FBI. Jon is annoyed that people are linking the Andrew case with the tragic case of Harry Dunn. Some people are suggesting that we should only hand over Andrew if Anna Sacoolas is sent back to face trial in the UK.

Jon is amazed by this warped logic. You can not have a prisoner swap when neither person has even been arrested, charged or faced a trial.

Jon pleads with people to concentrate on the facts. Epstein was clearly grooming and raping young girls and Andrew needs to tell the Police what he knows. 

Jon is astounded by some of the comments on Twitter today abut these victims where some tweeters are accusing them of asking for it. Did they or do these people say the same about the actions of the Pakistani Muslim raps gangs? No they do not, do they?

Please listen to the podcast before you comment.

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