Radical Muslims come to "tolerant" Britain where they're free to live separate lives!

Radical Muslims are moving to Britain from France to take advantage of our benefits, our public services, our lack of border controls and out "tolerance" of their extremist faith! Nick Margerrison, standing in for Jon Gaunt, spoke to Natacha Tatu, a french journalist for L'Obs, who wrote the original piece on French Muslims in Small Heath, Birmingham. Have a listen to what Oliver Lane had to say in pod one. Is this more proof that we are a soft touch on terror?

Prince William has no right to get involved in politics, and if he meddles as much as Prince Charlies it will be the death of the monarchy! Nick spoke to Graham Smith from Republic about the news that the Duke of Cambridge has spoken of his "frustration" at not being able to get involved in politics. Give up your titles and try and become a politician then, you spoilt brat!

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Radical muslims moving into Britain to take advantage of benefits and public services is the result of BRITAIN no longer has got the brains or the balls to curb the scum coming in ,therefore the country is a nest of home grown islamic terrorism , is up for grabs and on its way to become ENGLADESH an islamic state with an Muslim mayor running LONDONISTAN ,before he decides to run for prime minister . MARK MY WORDS .