Raheem Kassam is Enemy of the State according to Lefty Fools.

Yesterday Tommy Robinson was released and the Alt Far Left didnt know what to say. However, today they are back spouting their undemocratic bile accusing Raheem Kassam of being an Islamophobe and a racist for supporting Tommy.

You always know when your enemy is in freefall though, says Jon Gaunt, as they also begin to attack their own and so today the usual suspects, David Lammy, Hope not Hate, Owen Jones and the Independent are  slagging off the BBC for giving the "Extremist" Kassam a platform.

These morons are one step up from the book burners and the Witch hunters and for all they protest about equality and democracy these Far Alt Left agitators are the real danger to our society.

Jon is raging at Mark 11 today but make sure you listen to the end of the podcast when he then turns the heat up even further as he attacks Big Food and Big Pharma

Gaunty at his ranting best.

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Five Gold Stars! Keep it up, Jon. Telling the Great British Public the news, behind the headlines. Great analysis and opinion pieces. #voiceoffreespeech

Brilliant stuff. Absolutely great hearing the truth and normal opinions.