Raheem Kassam on how we fight radical Islam!

It’s been a tough few weeks for President Trump, but no one said that draining the swamp would be easy. It’s clear he faces an uphill struggle against the controlled media and the Washington political elite on both the Democrat and Republican side. But remember, Trump won DESPITE the MSM and the Washington swamp, not because of them. I believe most ordinary Americans want to give Trump a chance, not join in the media witch hunt.

In this final US show Raheem Kassam joined me in the studio in Washington, to talk about the fight against radical Islam. Raheem told me that liberal tolerance is no good, we need to go into communities and shut down mosques that are funded by radical Saudi groups and Jihadi extremists! We need to ban the burqa, and we need to have a deeper conversation about why British values should come first! I say he’s right, and is he the political leader we need in the UK?

Fighting it out toe-to-toe with Raheem was Alex Beckles, top US Washington insider and lobbyist, who argued it out with Raheem and my other guest, the US journalist, TV broadcaster and radio host Steve Gruber over Trump’s first 100 days. How will Trump be remembered? And is he going to drain the swamp?

I also got the thoughts of Nick Margerrison, AKA Nick the Nob, on Julian Assange’s rape charges being dropped. Don’t miss Nick standing in for me on Monday’s show. Thanks to all your help in making this tour possible and for helping us bring free speech to America!

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Please we dont.want.him in the usa we need him here a new party needs forming there is nothing to challenge the msm please come home and save britain

Raheem needs a senior position in uk politics. He talks a lot of sense.