Raheem Kassam says Enoch was right?

This is an explosive long form interview with Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam talking about his new book, Enoch was Right.

Raheem, following up on the success of his last book No Go Zones, has now produced a book that should have sparked a national debate.

However he has been largely ignored by the MSM as clearly what he believes is very uncomfortable for the Political Classes to engage with.

But this is a debate that needs to be had and had urgently with the escalating violence in London and the way some communities are clearly leading separate lives.

You do not have to agree with the conclusion that Raheem comes to in the book but surely we need to discuss this important political thinker and this moment in our history?

Raheem and Jon also discuss the future of the Brexit movement and the question of "why is it now wrong to be Right?"

Raheem shoots from the lip and Jon now wants to hear what you think on Twitter and Facebook.


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