Raheem Kassam says UKIP are dead, and Rees-Mogg should be next PM!

Nigel Farage is right to not return to UKIP, they are a busted flush! We need new movements and people to take Brexit forwards, not the shower of unremarkables currently standing to replace Paul Nuttall. I spoke to Nigel's former press man Raheem Kassam and heard why he wouldn't stand for UKIP, and why he wants to see a true Conservative like Jacob Rees-Mogg stand as Tory leader! Do you agree with him?
Kensington and Chelsea Council are cutting corners to hide the truth about Grenfell, now we may never know how many people died! Housing chiefs paid fire risk assessor Carl Stokes £250,000 to inspect Grenfell Tower, and now the government are giving an amnesty to all Grenfell residents who are subletting their flats illegally! I spoke to fire safety expert Arnold Tarling about why no one is prepared to accept responsibility for Grenfell.
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JR Mogg is the best MP and should be our PM. He doesn't take a salary and is honourable and patriotic. I would trust him to lead our country through Brexit. He would close our borders and just issue Visas to workers so that they have to leave after their job is done.
As for Grenfell it is ridiculous to give free citizenship to illegals regardless of the horrible fire. The Muslim population doubled in the UK during the last decade and is predicted to double worldwide in the next decade as well.

Yes Jacob Rees MOGG would be my choice for PM, intelligent, calm, and extremely knowledgeable on BREXIT. Fingers crossed xx

All a form of controlling the masses.. watered down Education and Health Services. Makes you wonder what is next on the agenda?

Nigel Farage is one of the best politicians Britain ever produced . Due to mass uncontrolled immigration under the refugee banner some will become BRITISH and allowed to vote . BRITAIN has become a nation of simpletons with low or no skills, therefore the likes of Jeremy Corbyn do have a chance to lead the pleb which eventually will end up to offer the nation to a Muslim prime minister in waiting like the mayor of LONDONISTAN. These are facts that are happening and some still refuse to admit it

UKIP is today a political party where all deluded ego trips wants to be a leader .l quite don't understand why somebody wants to be known for bei another failed UKIP leader .A special chromosome only available in Nigel Farage's DNA can do .He made UKIP a Brexit winner with 4 million voters . After him UKIP has become a loser and the only ones who refuse to see are the rats ,wannabees still not aware they are sinking and fast Without Nigel Farage at the elm.

Well i found tony pycrofts (sorry if name spelt wrong) tweets quite funny not islamic, but i'm a racist, mysogynist, bigoted far right brexit voter, or at least thats what i've been told i am

Your credentials are just fine .Robert don't worry about being far right in a country of so many are far wrong about everything.