Red Bull should be banned from sponsoring Formula 1

Jon Gaunt is passionately arguing that Matt Hancock is not going far enough in imposing a ban on under 16's buying Red Bull and Monster and he says that these sugary drinks should be banned from sponsoring sport, just as tobacco was all those years ago.

Jon believes that the sugar health scandal when it breaks will be bigger than tobacco because the product is aimed mainly at children.

Jon believes that Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Government are almost in collusion in trying to make us fat and drug the nation with sugar.

Lineker, Hamilton and the Red Bull Team should all hang their head in shame. It is time to ban these products and whilst we are at it Coca Cola should not be sponsoring the Premier League.

Jon describes his own personal battle with freeing himself from his addiction to sugar and says he has never  felt better physically. But he also states in a very frank way how is mental health has improved too.

Sugar is as addictive as crack cocaine in Jon's opinion and probably more dangerous in terms of its addicts.

This is powerful and honest stuff from Gaunty. Please listen.

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