Rejoice Theresa is going and Farage is now in charge!

Jon Gaunt says Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice Theresa May is going and he swears that he will not be showing her an ounce of sympathy despite her tears.

Although he is delighted to see the back of this traitor and betrayer he warns that who ever is the next PM will still have the Brexit problem to deal with.

Jon thinks it will be be Boris as he is the best of a bad bunch but he says it doesn't really matter as when the EU poll results come out on Sunday Nigel Farage will effectively be running the UK.

No potential leader would dare now not to get us out of the EU and if there is a general Election which Jon believes there will be as this Government has been destroyed by Theresa the Appeaser then the Brexit party will hold the balance of power just as the DUP do at the moment.

Listen to this podcast to hear how Jon thinks this will all work out but also rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.

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Trumps declassifications will bring the UK Govt down so it does not matter who the Tories elect as their PM.General Election will be called in about a months time and the Brexit Party will prob have a landslide victory. Robin Tillbrook Chairman of the English Democrats Party will win his High court case against the Govt and it will be declared that we left EU 29-03-19 We are taking our country back!!