Ricky Gervais and Donald Trump are heroes. Deport Rapist now.

Jon Gaunt is full of optimism for 2020.

He thinks that Ricky Gervais had balls of steel to tell the WOKE generation of Hollywood exactly what he and we think of them. Smug, self satisfied preaching fools. It was the funniest stand up routine since the late great Bill Hicks says Gaunty.

Jon hopes that this is the year when the PC woke mob are firmly put back in their box and real comedy can return and freedom of speech can be re-established.

Jon also loves the way that Donald Trump has dealt with Iran and fully supports him.

Jon is disgusted that an Indonesian student has raped over 160 heterosexual men in Manchester and wants the law changed so that we can deport foreign criminals like this. Jon says he does not give a flying F*ck what happens to them once they are returned to their own country.

Do you agree?

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