Rochdale Muslim grooming gang must be deported NOW!

Members of the Muslim Rochdale grooming gang got more than £1 MILLION in legal aid before they were jailed, and now these savages have been granted more funding to fight deportation! The gang preyed on girls as young as 13, and are now fighting against attempts to send them back to Pakistan. I say these scum shouldn't get a penny more legal aid, they need to be sent back to Pakistan and can never return here again!

If that wasn't crazy enough, a Muslim "community" radio station in Sheffield has been shut down after they aired twenty-five hours of lectures by an Al Qaeda terror leader! Iman FM bosses said they put out the readings by radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki "by mistake". How long are we expected to take this drivel? I spoke to by occasional stand-in presenter Nick Margerrison, who knows Sheffield well, having been a DJ there.

Do we need our police officers to be armed? The Police Federation is taking out a survey on whether to change the police principal on carrying guns. Is this the right time to change the law, with an ongoing Islamic terror crisis? I spoke to retired Met Police officer and advocate of armed police Chris Hobbs.

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Quite right manuel, they want everything thats good about here and what they get free, but they dont want the lifestyle theyd have back where their ancestors came from because theyd have f__k all

If these pakistani muslim pedo scum love that depraved lifestyle what the hell are they fighting extradition for ? they should feel at home surrounded by like minded savages in a shithole village somewhere in pakistan shareing a tv watching cricket and kicking stray dogs

Robert ,Very well said . These PAQUISTANI TURDS know where their bread is buttered .They dont want to be extradited back to their native SH..T HOLE ,because Pakistan is not soft touch like Britain .