Route 66 Diary - Day 08 - Oklahoma City to Tulsa

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Distance: 106 miles

Today was a deliberately short drive after the show, to Tulsa.

Having escaped with our lives the previous night, after jumping (literally) a red light at the railroad crossing, we had a decent night's sleep in Oklahoma city.

This morning, we went to the diner opposite the hotel to get breakfast. 

The manager told us that we were in a rough area, which we had already guessed when we saw a policeman escorting someone out of the hotel the previous night.

You can hear Cassandra on the show from Wednesday morning – she was an instant hit with her tough-talking.

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two lovely smiles :-)

Please tell John that I love the picture at the head of this item, thats real Edward Hopper influence, right there!

Hi Bill, John here. I had been to America before, but Hi Bill.

Like the member of the liberal arts brigade that I am I had only ever been to NYC and LA, working. Travelling across the US it's hard not to see these kind of scenes, archetypal America - familiar from film and photos and at the same time extraordinary in that they still really exist!

Maybe we'll catch a beer next time.


excuse my dumb typo in line one!