Route 66 Diary - Day 09 - Tulsa to Branson

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Distance: 212 miles

Branson, MO, has become the butt of many jokes in the car on the Trip. 

Tony has been trying to persuade the team that it's a must-see. 

Eventually we buckled, and unfortunately, headed to Branson.

John the Photographer had been warned that Branson was NOT the entertainment capital of America, but rather the Geriatric Entertainment Capital...

This warning was right. Branson is a soulless plastic town with tacky, humourless attractions and low quality restaurants for an undemanding clientele.

Attractions in Branson include King Kong on top of the Hollywood sign, the Titanic Hitting a Concrete Iceberg, and Jon's favourite, the Diner with the singing waitresses.

Nevertheless, the experience set us up for a rapid escape back up to Route 66 for the next day.

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