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Get your Kicks and FACTS from ROUTE 66.

First of all, a great big thankyou you to everyone who has donated money to my USA Trips this year. As you probably know I am planning to go back to celebrate/condemn the first 100 days of Donald Trump running the greatest democracy in the World.

Well I am now in a position to give you more details of the trip and it has just got really exciting.

I want to know what real Americans make of the Donald and what better way then following in the footsteps of the American pioneers and travelling Route 66.

So, the idea is simple we are going to do the route in reverse.

We will fly to San Francisco on April 29, do a couple of shows from there and then move on to Los Angeles before we embark on the 2,448 mile road trip that will take us through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas (we are going to look for Dorothy!), Missouri, and Illinois. Then we are hot footing it to Boston and then finally we will end up in Washington DC where we hope to talk to the movers and Shakers in the USA Government and media. The show will be live in the UK every day at four as we move through the time zones and the States.

Along the way our professional photographer and listener, John (also known as John in Forest Hill), will be taking photographs of the characters we meet and I will be keeping a journal. We intend to publish this as a photo book and travelogue called 100 Americans, 100 Days of the Trumpster.

The whole trip will take three weeks and we are relying on donations from my listeners to make this dream a reality.

Everyone who donates will of course be included on the Rocky Roll of Fame and get mentioned both here on the website and on the programme and podcasts. We will also include all our supporters names in the book when it is published.

So, if you can help us please use the donate button below and donate anything from £10 upwards.

If you wish to be a main corporate sponsor please get in touch with me directly at to hear about our sponsorship packages.

Once again thank you for all your support and helping to make the radio revolution happen and if you want to hear the real story about Donald Trump’s America then please contribute now and make my American Dream a reality.



Check out our corporate US sponsor Find them at or at

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Jon why did you call me a cunt when i said keep the money? I dont get it i have always supported you and the money even without a book was worth it for the shows i listened too

Ged it is not me replying before it is a troll who is using my name please ignore him. Jon

Will do Jon cheers mate hope all is good with you, Thanks again for clearing that up

Great podcasts, Jon. Well researched and relevant to the
workers and opinion formers of society!

Hello Jon and team
New website is spot on, easy to use.
Loving the Route 66 shows.
keep up the good work

Love the shows Gaunty and the great website and I feel proud to be part of it!!!
Love Snowflake and Slush Puppy keep up the good work boys xxx

Jon and the team you all must be so proud of what you have achieved, on this tour and over the past 18 month or so. We all love the show and the chance to have our voice heard. Free speech is slowly being killed off by the Far Left and do gooders of this world. If only they could see close down free speech will only come to bit the in the ass.

Great job guy keep it up

Hi Jon I am a fan of you
I know some time I hate you but most of the time I like u it's a bit like a marriage ha ha .
I would divorce from u but it would cost a future lol.
Any way followed my Marmite man from the days if radio wm .
To be fair I though this america trip a was a waist of time and money. So I was ready to switch off and go for a separation but I tuned in the first day and now it is like an addictive drug.
I love it bro.
Well done Jon and the team you .
Kind regards Walter

Great Website Jon, enjoying the tour too!

You're staying in some quality accommodation I see, did it have an outside toilet? Or were you actually staying in the outside toilet? Loved the Artex, reminded me of my mums.
Anyway, here's another tenner for some decent bog roll but there should be enough change for a decent craft ale.

Do you know what, joking aside, it's a small price to pay for a more balanced version of the news.

Take care

Rock on young Jon and team! along route 66.look forward to all the stories and guests on the shows.

Hey Jon,love the new webby....c'mon Jon don't you be letting these dumn ass trolls get to you-your doing it!!-not talking about it doing it,you have come a long way in such a short time,I can't wait for more programs but step at a time big boy-all the best from a long time dedicated listener-
Tom McNamee
ps. lovin' the USA trip.

Website looking great Job and I can see it will be very interactive for us fans!

Road trip sounding great and breaking new ground for broadcasting- streets ahead of the MSM on a fraction of the budget.

Keep up the great work and well done to Anthony and Sam too - a couple of gems there!
Hope the research was useful in Las Vegas

US tour content great so far!

Hi Jon, loving the website and the US pod casts

In Tenerife Jon,great site,great show,great Queen and Duke.That is all we have left, please don't let them take this away.regards Christian.

Jon, your new web site just illustrates where you and your show are going- onwards and upwards - great stuff

Just registered . New website looks really good Jon. Keep up the good work!

New website looks great. Would be even better as an app so it could be accessed anywhere.

This is all Looking good big man!!

Web sites looking good Jon. I no your only 2 days in but loving the shows already

Love the new Website Jon. Really good. Just registered, keep up the good work on the home of free speech!