Row over The Sun's "Muslim problem" article is fabricated left-wing nonsense!

Trevor Kavanagh, columnist in The Sun, said nothing factually incorrect in his article, but now the left are trying to fabricate a row over his use of the term "The Muslim Problem"! Now Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion has resigned from the front bench after Trevor singled her out as one of the few politicians prepared to speak out over Muslim rape gangs. This is censorship!

Donald Trump has come out and condemned the far right that marched at Charlottesville, but that still isn't enough for our biased media! Now our lame duck Prime Minister Theresa May has had a go at the US President. Are the Establishment ever going to let this go? Or will they ever admit that there is violence and extremism on the left as well? I spoke to former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov, and head of the Washington DC new bureau for Alex Jones' InfoWars Jerome Corsi.

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The main reason the National Socialist party rose so rapidly in 1930s Germany was because of the fear of the people at the rise of the Communists. Those who do not study and learn from history are doomed to repeat it; those of those who do study history are doomed to watch history repeat. Everything is cyclical.