Royal Wedding Proves we are a Great Nation.

Jon Gaunt says the wedding of Harry and Megan proves we are a truly great Nation.

It proves we are  tolerant, compassionate, and a modern country and not the racist intolerant one that many who infest politics and the media try to portray us as.

It was great to see the Union Flags being flown with pride and we now need to take this spirit forward says Jon.

There should be flags on every public building and in the corner of every classroom.

We should be aware of our history and understand it fully so that we can understand our present and work on our future.

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Jon, I support your views most days 100% , I also think you are a brilliant broadcaster, but today's pod cast regarding Harry & Megan's weddng was well below your usual high standards , and felt preached too.

That's my honest opinion, you are much better than this .