Russia is excuse for taking UK to war in Syria.

Jon Gaunt has been joining the dots up again and he is not afraid to speak his mind even if the MSM are silent again.

It is clear that all this Skripal and Russia are the enemy nonsense from Theresa May is because she wants to get involved in conflict in Syria and she needs a bogeyman like Putin as a an excuse.

Jon says if we go into Syria we will effectively be on the side of the very Terrorists that we are trying to keep out of the UK. This is madness.

Russia again is a convenient diversion from the political chaos of the betrayal of Brexit.

Jon also salutes Tom Watson and wishes him well in his quest to change dietary guidelines but says that  he is on a hiding to nothing.

The Establishment know how to use the theory of Bread and Circuses to keep the masses down and they are doing it brilliantly with Celebrity Big Brothers and tits and tinsel in the tabloids combined with the sugar and junk food obesity crisis.

This is Jon at his ranting best. You might not agree with him but by god is it entertaining and does it give you food for thought.

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Five Gold Stars for Mr. Jon Gaunt! Keep up the good fight, mate.

Radio gold, John. Another barnstormer.