Russia is not our enemy but the EU and House of Lords is!

Jon Gaunt is adamant that the real enemy of the ordinary Brit is not Russia but the Establishment Elite as represented by The House of Lords and the EU.

These people and their traitorous allies in the House of Commons, and even in the Cabinet, are determined to ignore the will of the voters and derail or scrap Brexit.

They are aided and abetted by the BBC and the MSM who are always spreading fake news about Russia and the threat it poses to the UK.

Jon asks why has the Skripal case gone so quiet, eight weeks and no suspect? I thought Boris Johnson knew it was Russia and Putin. The false fake story about the chemical attack in Syriahas also all but disappeared and Gaunty wonders why?

Could it be because both stories are nonsense and just propaganda or even fake news or a false flag?

Have we still got an independent MSM in the UK?

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