Sadiq Khan is too busy at candlelit vigils to do his job!

If Sadiq Khan wasn't so busy going to candlelit vigils, whilst telling Londoners that they have to live with terrorism, maybe he'd get around to doing his job! The Labour Mayor failed to attend a recent transport debate, something neither Ken Lvingstone nor Boris Johnson ever did, and was blasted by assembly members of all parties. This comes after the Muslim Mayor refused to condemn the Al Quds rally in London at the weekend, where terrorist Hezbollah flags were flown. I spoke to Conservative leader on the Greater London Assembly Gareth Bacon to find out more.

Nigel Farage has called Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "almost a proper chap" for sticking to his guns on allowing Brexit to pass, risking the wrath of some of his Remoaner colleagues. So is Brexit safe? I spoke to former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov. Also, don't miss Alexander talking about "Fake News" and how we stop it!

What does an American make of the "Fake News" furore? I spoke to Infowars' Rob Dew live from Austin Texas, to get his thoughts on the latest CNN scandal that could bring down the controlled media for good!

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