Sadiq Khan wants amnesty for Grenfell families whilst 7,000 veterans are homeless

The Grenfell Tower survivors deserve our pity and charity, but should they really get an immigration amnesty and be put up in luxury flats in South Kensington? Theresa May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have both backed an amnesty on illegal immigrants who were living in Grenfell Tower at the time of the blaze. Some of the survivors are being housed in a luxury apartment complex that cost £2 BILLION! I don't want to sound heartless, but with 7,000 of our brave veterans going homeless, why are we just focusing on the Grenfell story? I spoke to UKIP MEP and economy spokesman Patrick O'Flynn.

Muslims can do anything they want in this country, but don't dare be right wing! Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart London Raheem Kassam has written a brilliant piece about how he and other British Asians on the right receive threats and insults like "Uncle Tom" or "coconut" every day. I got Raheem on the show and asked him why he thinks the left are so intolerant. Don't miss Raheem putting the boot into the UKIP closet Tories like Bill Etheridge who he says are conspiring to keep out Anne Marie Waters!

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Sadiq Khan looking after his own yet again.....This man is a boil on the arse of the English people in this country....As Racist as Diane Abbott.

So whats the benchmark for re-housing in a luxury flat? The council might as well buy the entire block because who in their right minds will want to live there paying the full whack when its over run with immigrant? Before too long those who over occupied the last block will do the same. I just feel sorry for the indigenous Brits in there that get branded the same as the see Im doing it now based on TV and media coverage when it might not even be the case!

Does sidaq khan not know the meaning of illegal ? He needs to go! and why are the people not out protesting against his views ! The UK is a bloody disaster !

Wow just watch they will be burning them down themselves now. How can we possibly not kick out ILLEGAL immigrants, there are legal ones needing help it's wrong. Awful tragedy but no way.