Scrap the Licence Fee! If Netflix can support themselves so can the BBC!

Andrew Allison from the Freedom Association joins us in this podcast to tackle the BBC who are being called “biased and politically correct” by Jeremy Paxman. A core issue for Talk2MeRadio fans, this notion of impartial media is given a good old fashioned beating down the dark alleyways of truth. Why should we pay to be told what to think? Scrap the BBC poll tax!

Finally Charlie Wolf wraps up today’s podcast, a regular on Talk2MeRadio, we couldn’t do a 4th of July show without him. He tackles the meaning of independence day for us.

Nick’s back again covering for Jon, who returns on Thursday.

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The licence fee also supports S4C which the small Welsh channel that hardly anyone watches.

They are totally run by our governent, their biased&i do not trust their reporting..i say a resounding YES to scrapping the licence fee..

Did i hear right andrew allison called kuensberg right wing for attacking corbyn, shes so far left she cant go any further left, she ran a one person crusade against brexit under the banner of the bbc