Should trans women get boob jobs on the NHS?

How can trans women get boob jobs on the NHS? The service is stretched to breaking point, and now men who think they're women want cosmetic surgery for free? Trans activists are claiming NHS Scotland is "discriminating" against them because transitioning women have to go to health boards to apply for free breast surgery. This is not a priority, trans people already get their sex changes paid for, they can fund any cosmetic treatment themselves! Disagreeing with me was Tara Stone, managing director of Be: Trans and Non Binary North.

We voted to leave the EU so we could get back our sovereignty and end freedom of movement. Now our politicians are shafting us! Under Chancellor Philip Hammond's new deal, EU citizens could get free movement to Britain for the next two years! I spoke to UKIP MEP Gerard Batten about why this is a betrayal of everything we voted for!

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Britain, home grown and a magnet for FREAKS not happy iinside their own bodies . To much attention and concessions are being given to these tribe of mental health sufferers who are claiming new bodies and sex change to be paid paid by the NHS ,while cancer and other diseases are being relegated as non priority. SICK WORLD BREEDS SICK PEOPLE.