Sick child sex dolls available online must be banned!

Child sex dolls marketed at paedophiles are being bought online in the UK! Now a judge has ruled that the life-like robots should be seen as obscene items. It comes as a former primary school governor David Turner was arrested after importing the doll, and admitted to possessing 34,000 indecent images of children. I spoke to Professor Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of AI and robotics at the University of Sheffield, to find out why he thinks these robots are dangerous.

I also asked Noel about another topic that's got many people worried. Could the machines be taking over? Facebook has shut off an AI experiment after two of its chatbots started communicating in a language only they understood. Should we be scared? Professor Sharkey, star of TV's Robot Wars, reveals all!

In more technology news, Home Secretary Amber Rudd wants to be able to look at all of our encrypted messages, and says only terrorists have anything to hide! Rather than trying to read our WhatsApp conversations, why isn't the government cracking down on Jihadi infiltration of our schools and extremist speakers at mosques? I spoke to terrorism and security expert Mike Yardley to find out if there's a hidden agenda.

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