Sick Keith Vaz? Mp's USA Jolly and Uni strike Militants.

Jon lays into MP Keith Vaz and says he must now face questions about his alleged conduct with Romanian Rent boys. He was excused as he was ill but now it has been revealed that he has been to India and Saudi Arabia and looks in fine health.

Gaunty is not impressed and this podcast sees the return of Skippy who also puts the boot into the self serving pigs of Westminster.

Jon also talks about the story on about the Jolly that MP Damian Collins organised to the USA to investigate Russian interference in Brexit.

The trip cost £84 THOUSAND pound including business class flights but they discovered as we know no real Russian influence. 

Jon has a pop at the BBC who teaching kids about FAKE News! Stop sniggering at the back but they have only just started talking about the Telford Pakistani rape gangs!!

Finally Jon Gaunt tears into the militant teaching Unions members who are now going to continue their attacks on the education of kids who are actually paying for the privilege of being taught by these Cultural Marxists. 

This is a classic rant from Jon Gaunt. Please spread the word that Gaunty is back and get ll your mates to download the podcasts.

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