Someone, any one please stop May.

There is no need for any notes to this episode as Jon Gaunt is just pleading for someone, anyone to stop deluded Theresa May from further humiliating our great Country.

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There is no real talent in any of the main parties. The thought of that apology for a Labour Party led by Corbyn, Abbot etc running the show or a Conservative party led by stuffed shirts like Hammond, Javid makes me despair.
Forget Brexit, there is nothing currently better to replace it. Farage, Mogg, Johnson cannot offer a better alternative because they know that there isn't one. They are just more careerist politicians partially making a living from our disillusionment with the EU.

The games up. Ever since the brexit result was announced it was clear that the people at the forefront of the leave vote i.e. Gove, Johnson, Farage et al were shaken and didn't have a clue what to do next as they didn't really believe in what they had been campaigning for.
Sorry Jon, cries of a government led by Mogg, Johnson and Davies make you as delusional as the scarecrow. Mogg is a void for whom the world died in 1947,Johnson a very entertaining buffoon and Davies failed as a negotiator.